Online Print & Mail has been an invaluable asset to our organization's fundraising efforts. They always make sure our lists are correct so we have saved a ton in postage costs. When we upload our fundraising letters they check and make sure it will all print correctly, and if they notice any issues they will bring it to our attention. They have caught our typos multiple times and we're so grateful!

Online Print and Mail made my restaurant direct mail campaign easy! We sent our new catering menu to all the businesses in our area and we got our first order that same day! The printing was beautiful and vibrant, thank you for your help!

I entrust my mailing campaigns to Online Print & Mail not only because I know my camapigns will ship on schedule, but also because I know that each piece will reflect the professional, upscale image my company is known for worldwide. I appreciate their prompt responses to my questions, and continuous and accurate communication regarding the progress of my projects. They always go above and beyond to meet our specific — and sometimes last-minute — needs.

I was fed up with having to constantly design and redesign printed business promotion material. After using your services I should say I was impressed by the excellent quality (both matte and glossy) of cards and brochures, and quick delivery, too.

Thanks and regards,